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Welcome to the Electronic-Navan Directory.  Right here you will find a comprehensive listing of Businesses, Shops, Services and much much more.  This makes it easy for any user to locate and visit a local Website or just to communicate with them through Email. 

If you do not have an email account then you can create one for yourself on the Main Page.  This is a Free Service and allows you to Send and Receive, from any computer anywhere, anytime.
The website is a local Service focusing on the town, however we have plans to add several new services in the near future such as "For Sale" and "Wanted" pages and Special Offers from Travel Agents, Boutiques or anyone else, the list is endless.

If you are a business and would like your own page or website, please drop me a line and I will discuss this further personally.  Click here for a Sample Page to replace the displayed record.  
If there are additions, modifications or deletions from the listing please email me the details and I will carry these out promptly.  Any other suggestions or comments are also welcome. 
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